You just received the letter stating that your child has been rejected from private school. It can be hard to cope with if that school was your top choice. You might be wondering where you went wrong.  You might be feeling sad or angry. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with private school rejection.

1.  It’s not your fault

Don’t blame yourself or your child if you receive a private school rejection letter.  Many private schools are highly competitive and they can only accept a small number of students who apply.  Your child may have been highly qualified, but there were probably hundreds of other applicants who are also highly qualified.  This doesn’t mean that they are any better than your child. It just means that the school did not have enough capacity to accept all their applicants.  You did the best you can and that is enough.

2.  Ask for feedback

Some schools may offer feedback on a child’s application if they are asked.  If you received a private school rejection letter It doesn’t hurt to send a quick email or phone call to the admissions officer asking for feedback on your child’s application and if there was a specific reason they were not accepted.  They may be able to give you some advice if you were to apply again in the future. However, be prepared to not receive any feedback either. Admissions officers are busy and may not have time to respond to individual parents. Keep in mind, this is not a time to call the school and demand answers.  Be polite when contacting the school and you are more likely to receive a response.

3.  Your child will still succeed


Yes, your child may have gotten rejected from his or her top choice in private school, but that school is not the only option.  There are plenty of great schools out there and your child is more than likely to succeed and do well at another school. Remember, it’s the effort that your child puts into his or her education that counts the most, not the reputation of the school. 

4.  Try again next year


Many schools offer admission to students in multiple grade levels.  Just because your child did not get accepted the first time, you don’t have to rule that school out completely.  Check with the school to see if they accept students in other grade levels. If they do, apply again. This is where it may be helpful to receive feedback from the admissions officer on your application if they are willing to offer it.  That way, you will know how to improve your child’s application in the future.

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