Do ISEE scores really matter? Students spend weeks or even months studying for the ISEE.  Is it worth it? Are high ISEE scores really that important in getting into private schools? The short answer here is YES! However, it is not the only thing private schools take into consideration. ISEE scores are only one factor in determining whether or not students gain admission into the top private schools.  

There are many aspects to a private school application.  Admission officers not only look at ISEE scores, they also look at teacher recommendations, grades, extra curricular activities, quality of essays, and personal interviews.  Private schools are looking for well rounded students who are seen as positive role models and can contribute to the school community. When submitting an application, students should try to highlight their greatest assets, which may include any sports teams they play on, after school clubs they are a part of, volunteer experience or academic achievements they accomplished.

Now what about the ISEE score? Why do students have to take the ISEE? Standardized exams like the ISEE are used to compare academic ability among students and is one way admission officers determine if students are able to keep up with the academic rigor of their school. 

What if your child did not receive a score he/she was hoping for? Is there still a possibility of being admitted into a private school? With a strong teacher recommendation, a well-rounded application, and a good impression during the interview, your child still has a good chance of gaining admission.  A student with a lower score and a great application is just as likely to be admitted as someone with a high ISEE score but a poor application.

Even though ISEE scores are only one factor in determining admission into private schools, a higher score combined with a strong application will give students a great chance of being admitted into top private schools.  This is why it is important for students to be well prepared for the exam in order to perform the best they can. High scores will help students become strong candidates for the top private schools.  

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For registration information and to register for the ISEE please visit the ERB website.

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