How to study ISEE vocabulary is one of the biggest questions parents and students ask.  This is often the most challenging section for students because it includes vocabulary words that they have never heard of before.  However, there are many tools and resources that can help students improve their ISEE vocabulary. 

Here are three FREE resources that students can use to improve their ISEE vocabulary and test score.

1.  Top 100 Most Common ISEE vocabulary words

Any word in the English dictionary has a chance of showing up on the ISEE.  This makes it very difficult to study for the verbal reasoning section since there is no set list of vocabulary words that is guaranteed to show up on the test. In order to avoid having to study thousands of words, I created a list of the top 100 most common vocabulary words found on the ISEE.  From my 10 years of experience teaching ISEE strategies, these are the words that may be likely to show up on the test. 

Improve your vocabulary skills now! 

Download your FREE list of the top 100 ISEE / SSAT vocabulary words today!

2.  Quizlet Practice

Quizlet is a great website to use as a study tool.  On Quizlet, you can create flashcards or find flashcards that others have created to practice vocabulary.  Quizlet provides multiple options for studying by practicing vocabulary through multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and a variety of games.  It can be an engaging way for students to learn and remember new vocabulary.  I created a flashcard deck of the top 100 most common ISEE vocabulary words for students to study from. Students can use the flashcards to learn new words and quiz themselves.  Click here to start practicing.

3.  Top 50 Most Common Prefixes and Root Words


Another great way to improve vocabulary skills is by studying and learning the most common prefixes and root words.  Prefixes are a part of a word that when added to a root word can change its meaning.  For example, when the prefix “dis” is added to appear, the word becomes disappear. The prefix in this word is “dis” and the root word is “appear”.  By knowing definitions of common prefixes, students are able to approximate the meaning of a vocabulary word on the ISEE.  Oftentimes, the definition of a prefix within a word can give you a general idea of the meaning of that word. Click here to download the list of top 50 most common prefixes and root words.

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