For the past few months, Boston Public Schools has been deciding which company to work with in creating a new test for admission into the 3 exam schools: Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy and John D. O’bryant.  A decision has been made to work with NWEA, a non-profit organization focused on creating assessments and supporting students and teachers world-wide. 

The contract that BPS had with the Education Research Bureau (ERB) and the ISEE test ended on June 30, 2020 and a decision was made not to renew the contract for the following year.  BPS began seeking out new companies to work with in order to provide an equal opportunity for all students in the BPS system, including immigrants and minorities.  Earlier this year, BPS began considering three companies who put in bids to provide a new entrance exam for the three exam schools in Boston.  Ultimately, NWEA was chosen.

The main complaint with the ISEE exam is that it did not focus on what the students were learning in school which put certain students at a disadvantage.  As a solution, the new exam will be untimed and adaptive.  It will measure student progress in math, reading and language usage and be aligned with the Massachusetts state standards.  

Although we do not know much about this new exam yet, your child can begin preparing by reviewing math concepts taught in school as well as continuing to practice reading comprehension skills.  We will continue to update you on any new information about the test.  For more information on the company that will provide the new admission exam for Boston Public Schools , please visit

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