Has your child taken dozens of practice tests but their scores are still not improving? How can students take advantage of them and actually use practice tests to improve ISEE scores? This is a question parents often ask when they do not see a huge jump in their child’s score.  Here are a few tips to help students improve their scores when taking practice tests.

Tip #1: Review wrong answers

Most students will correct their practice test and look at which answers they got incorrect.  However, students often just glance over the incorrect questions and move on.  The important thing here is to really focus on the questions they got wrong and understand why they got it wrong.  Some practice tests come with answer explanations.  Students should review these so that they know how the questions should be approached.  After looking at the answer explanation, students should try to answer the question on their own again.  Doing this will help them remember and understand the question better. 

Tip #2: Analyze the types of questions that were incorrect

The best way to improve ISEE scores is to know what students did wrong on the questions they answered incorrectly.  Review each incorrect question carefully and see if there is a pattern in the questions they got incorrect.  For example, did the student answer mostly algebra problems incorrectly? Maybe the student did well on reading comprehension but did not do well on synonyms.  By analyzing the types of questions students got incorrect, they will know which areas they should focus on the most. 

Tip #3: Follow all test rules when taking a practice test.


When students take a practice test, it is important for them to set up their environment to mimic an actual test setting.  They should sit in a quiet room and take the entire test in one sitting.  Students may not be used to taking such a long test all at once and this is a skill that should be practiced.  Students should also time themselves in each section to make sure that they do not run out of time.  If they do, they should try to work a bit quicker on future practice tests.  If they find themselves finishing too early, they should go back and review their answers.  By mimicking the actual test environment, students will be more comfortable during the real exam.

Following these tips will help students take advantage of practice tests and improve their ISEE scores.  For a free sample of ISEE questions with answer explanations, click here.

Click here to access two full length middle level ISEE tests.

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