Is your child currently preparing for the ISEE during COVID? You may be wondering what this might look like.  What options are available to keep your child as safe as possible? Education Records Bureau (ERB) has provided an at home testing option this year so that your child can take the ISEE in the safety of your own home.

What does this mean?

Students now have the option to either go to a testing center or stay at home to take the ISEE.  If you prefer to take the ISEE in person, ERB partners with Prometric testing centers to administer the test.  You can check the status of your local testing center by clicking here. However, if you prefer to take the ISEE at home, you are able to complete the exam through ProProctor.  This option is available for students who are in grades 5-12 located in the United States and Canada.

How does it work?

Students will use their own laptop or computer to access the secure test.  They cannot access the test using a tablet or phone.  Prior to starting the test, an online proctor will check to make sure that there are no study materials present in the room by conducting a quick scan through the computer camera.  Once the scan is done, the student may begin the test.  Students will not be able to access any web browsers or exit the test at any point. Throughout the test, the proctor will be available to answer any questions the student may have. 

What should I do to prepare?


If students choose to take the ISEE at home or at a prometric testing site, they will need to be comfortable taking the exam online.  In addition to the standard preparation of practicing strategies and concepts, students should practice taking the ISEE online.  It may feel different than taking the paper version since students cannot write on the test.  Students also will not be able to physically cross out wrong answer choices. This may take some time to get used to and the best way to be comfortable with an online test is to take as many practice tests as possible. To start preparing for the ISEE during COVID, take a free online sample test here.

For additional information on preparing for the ISEE during COVID, registration information and to register for the ISEE please visit the ERB website.

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