You read about strategies on how to improve specific vocabulary or math skills, but how do you tackle SSAT multiple choice questions?  Students can take advantage of multiple choice tests if they know which strategies to use when answering these types of questions. Here are some strategies students can use when answering SSAT multiple choice questions to improve their score.

1.  Cross out wrong answers

Crossing out answer choices is a great strategy to use when students are unsure what the answer is.  The more answer choices they can cross off, the better chance they have of choosing the correct answer.  The SSAT consists of 5 answer choices per question. If they are able to cross off three choices that are wrong, then they have a 50% chance of getting the correct answer with only two options left.  In the verbal reasoning section, use strategies such as prefixes and context to eliminate answer choices. In the math sections, use estimation and working backwards to eliminate answer choices. These strategies will enable students to cross out some answer choices to have a better chance of choosing the correct answer. 

2.  Read all the answer choices

This may seem obvious, but many students end up choosing the first answer they see that they think is correct without reading the rest of the answer choices.  This can lead to students picking the wrong answer if they are not reading all the choices carefully. Students should read through all answer choices before choosing the best one.  Often times there will be an answer choice that is close to the correct answer but it is not the best answer. Don’t let your child fall into that trap by not reading all the answer choices!

3.  Select the best answer


As for the SSAT multiple choice questions, there are usually 3 obvious wrong answers, one answer choice that is close to the correct answer and then a best answer. Make sure students pick the best answer that is available.  Occasionally, the best answer available may not be the perfect answer, however, it is the best option out of the 5 choices so that is the one that should be chosen.

4.  Guess Strategically


One of the biggest advantages of taking tests with SSAT multiple choice questions is that the correct answers are right in front of you.  The SSAT has 5 answer choices for each question which means that students have a 20% chance of getting every question correct even if they guess.  Therefore, if students do not know an answer to a question, they should cross out as many answer choices as they can and then take a guess. If they are unable to cross off any answer choices that are incorrect, then they should skip the question and move on. By guessing randomly without being able to cross off any incorrect answers, students risk losing ¼ point for every question they get wrong.

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