What should students do on the morning of the ISEE? The test they’ve been preparing for is finally here.  They may be feeling anxious and nervous.  Here are some morning routines that will help them relax and stay focused for the ISEE.

1.  Wake up early

It is very important to set an alarm the night before in order to wake up early on the morning of the ISEE. Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning and even a little bit of extra time to relax and slow down instead of rushing.  Waking up late and rushing to get ready will lead to a higher heart rate and anxiety which can affect how students perform on the test.

2.  Eat a healthy breakfast

Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is directly related to higher academic performance (Link).  On the morning of the ISEE, students should eat a healthy filling breakfast so they are not hungry during the test.  Hunger can be distracting and can easily be avoided by eating breakfast in the morning.  However, students should avoid eating breakfast items with too much sugar such as sugary cereals.  Although these types of breakfasts may seem filling, sugar often causes students to become hungry more quickly and lose focus early.

3.  Double check documents


There are a few documents that students need to bring with them to the testing site.  This includes a verification letter that confirms a student’s testing time, date and location.  Students should also bring a form of identification with them such as a school ID, a birth certificate, passport, or report card. Some other materials they will need include number 2 pencils, erasers, and pens.

4.  Quick 10 minute review


Some students prefer to do a quick review of strategies or vocabulary in the morning to refresh their brains and get into the mindset of the ISEE. Other students prefer not to think about the ISEE at all until they arrive at the testing site in order to keep their mind relaxed and at ease.  Doing a quick 10 minute review is up to you.  Some students prefer it and others don’t, so students and parents should decide for themselves whether this is beneficial or not.  Remember, this is not the time to complete a full practice test.  If students choose to review vocabulary or strategies in the morning, it should be no longer than 10-15 minutes.

5.  Arrive at the testing site early


The last thing students want to do is be late.  You want to leave plenty of time to arrive at the testing site.  Leave extra time for traffic, getting lost or unexpected situations. You never know what may happen, so leaving early can help eliminate any anxiety around arriving late.  Getting to the test site early allows students to settle in and become familiar with their testing environment which will help them stay calm and focused.

For more information about testing day, visit ERB’s website.

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