As soon as you and your child decide to apply for private school, you need to start thinking about how to prepare for the ISEE.  You might be thinking about when to start studying for the ISEE? How much do students have to study to get a great score on the exam? 

How early students should start studying for the ISEE depends on how much time they have.  The earlier students begin, the more time they will have to prepare. The ideal time to prepare for the ISEE is to give students at least three months to review the material and learn new strategies. 

With at least three months to study, students can create a study plan that best fits their needs and leaves enough time to review all the material that is covered on the ISEE.  They should focus on reviewing all the content that is on the test including math concepts and vocabulary and then spend more time focusing on the areas they struggle with the most.  

If students have more than 3 months to study, they are in an even better position because they will have more time to review the concepts they struggle with and to master the strategies they can use on the ISEE.  However, it is important to know that there is such a thing as starting too early. Students should not begin preparing or start studying for the ISEE more than 1 year in advance. This is because there is a good chance that they may not have learned the actual content in school yet which will make studying and preparing much more challenging.  This is particularly true when it comes to the math sections.  

For example, on the middle level ISEE, students will see math questions focusing 5th, 6th, and 7th grade math.  If you have a student in 4th grade trying to prepare for the middle level ISEE, there is a good chance that the math content will be too hard at the moment.  Wait a few more months or a year before preparing for the ISEE so that they will have more time to learn the math in school. That way, when they begin studying for the ISEE, they will already be familiar with the content and can focus on practicing the strategies.

As a parent, you can make the best judgement on when the appropriate time is for your child to begin preparing and start studying for the ISEE. If possible, give your child at least three months to practice and create a study plan to follow.  

For registration information and to register for the ISEE please visit the ERB website.

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